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24 Mar 2009
It's a new kind of FPS with even more blood spilt…


It’s a matter of life and death.

Onteca are developing ‘This is Surgery’ a First Person Surgery Game for PS3 Network. ‘This is Surgery’ looks and feels like

23 Mar 2009
Fourteen Elements

Hey up,

An excellent article on the fourteen elements that make more than just a good game. Very readable – with pictures.

13 Mar 2009
Games Design Doc Sites.

This is Surgery Games Design Document Blogging:
Have been looking at different Games Design Document Sites. Has anyone got one they know that they’d recommend.

10 Mar 2009
Animated beating heart


A 3d rendered beating heart, modelled and rendered in maya

09 Mar 2009
Heart and Lung Machine (stage 1)


heart and lung machine partially sorted before i add…. guess what?… more tubes!

04 Mar 2009
Operating Theatre (tiles and doors added)