Posts in May, 2009

26 May 2009
Onteca Blog

Onteca has been blogging for some months now, with lots of insight into games and new media production. With two games in production, and a constant process of research and development backing up our future activity, it might be worth a look. Only solid ‘news’ will make it onto the front page from now on, still the ephemera of creativty and ongoing business may amuse.

21 May 2009
Unarmed but Dangerous

kfflid1Long-time Onteca collaborator and friend made two films last year. One was produced by Onteca, one was made for Film Lounge by another chap with Onteca connections, Xavier Leret. This other film is called ‘Kung Fu Flid’.

They kidnapped his kid
They shot his wife
They messed with the wrong flid!

If you are a fan of great action films with laughs and sharp dialogue then this one is for you. (As long as you are prepared for a little sick humour along the way).

Kung Fu Flid is available to stream at Film Lounge.

Or watch the trailer

14 May 2009
Send your audio files to be processed by a massive water tank in germany. Excellent.




Free non-digital online reverb. Very useful. Check it out.

“Tank-FX is a non-virtual effect device. The reverb is generated by
a huge [11m] tank made of ferroconcrete. We put some mics and
speakers in it and connected them to a unix box, so everybody can
use it now from the internet. To try it out, just upload some
audio material. It will be processed in real-time.

Have fun with our genuine reverb!”

14 May 2009

There is a programming language that obeys some of the structural impulses of the infamous LOLCats invented dialect, or something like that. Dan and Ben suggested that I didn’t blog about it, as it takes a coder to truly get the joke (or explain it).

Well, this will persuade Dan or Ben to add their own comments.

In the meantime, there is something very dizzying about a comedy Internet meme involving fluffi kittehs transforming into an example of post-scarcity, ludic, agalmic potlatch.