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19 Jan 2017
Free Space ribbon keys
19 Jan 2017
Space Ribbon on Steam sale


Space Ribbon is flying away right now on Steam with a 75% sale and a major update.


Exciting news has emerged from the world of Space Ribbon with the release of an exciting major update

This new release incorporates a number of new features including

  • A brand new garage with customable cars
  • An improved attract mode for more interesting replays
  • Three levels of race difficulty
  • Better all round performance and tightening up of gameplay
  • Improved car handling and lots of new particles for sparks in contact and application of power
  • Improved weapon handling
  • Improved track generation with a lot less pacer crashing and more interesting race shapes

This is a very big update that gets us much nearer to the end of Early Access just need to do the multiplayer and career modes now …


01 May 2013
Gettysburg Cannon Battle USA Screenshots

Screenshots for our new mobile game Gettysburg Cannon Battle USA Screenshots

[appbox googleplay com.onteca.gettysburg banner]



22 Feb 2013
Santa vs. Zombies

Not just for Christmas ….

[appbox googleplay com.onteca.santavszombies banner]
[appbox appstore 586938956 banner]

22 Feb 2013
New Site

We are proud to announce our new site, as you can see it has been completely redesigned. Hope you like it!

09 Oct 2009
New Regional Gaming Report

Very positive report on the state of gaming in the region and its importance to the national economy. We have been arguing this point for years and finally someone has done some positive research. We get a logo check too …

The report is here

22 Jun 2009
Black Swan

Having just read Black Swan by Nicolas Taleb am even more cynical about the way the world works than ever. But on the upside the book reinforced my faith in Fractals.

A Black Swan is an unlikely event, his central premise is that these events have a disproportionate impact on our lives and our futures.  Most modern economic theory is based on the assumption that Gaussian Distribution holds true, the Bell curve to you and me, he holds that actually dramatic events such as 9-11 can not fit within this economic model therefore the model is wrong.

To understand what he is talking about go to the Edge conference.

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