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06 Feb 2009
Wii Mote for PS3

This looks very interesting, Wii Mote for PS3

05 Feb 2009
A Sleeper Hit

In 2005 we made a film with Disabled Film Maker Luke McDonnell.  This is a unique and quirky insight into a train journey in the Uk.  We hosted the film on a now obsolete corner of our web site.  We have recently noticed that it has become a sleeper hit and has been watched over 7000 times in the last couple of years.  To put this in context it is not on YouTube, it is not linked to from our site and has never been promoted.

Journey to Crewe

04 Feb 2009
Tales (from Next Door and Far Away)

Stories from the past. Technology from the present. A whole new world!
‘Tales’ was a cross platform event for young people combining animation, drama, dance and film. Together with Toxteth Tv and a whole load of Merseyside schools, we created and modelled the world of ‘Tales’ and it rocked St Georges!

Here for the first time online are the animations created by Onteca and the young people of Merseyside.

Tales Introduction

Tales Part 2

Tales Part 3

Tales Part 4

Tales Part 5

Tales Part 6

Tales Part 7


04 Feb 2009
Film Council Short Filmed by Onteca

Onteca was one of only four companies regionally to receive funding to make
a Digital Short film this year. Space Freaks: Dance or Die is a sci-fi comedy musical featuring a cast of dozens, song and dance numbers and some of Onteca’s innovative special effects.

Principal Photography was during September (which means we’ve already filmed all the scenes) and we are now in the middle of Post-Production; editing and compositing in the CGI. With excellent performances from our stars and solid, swift and talented work from the crew we have a lot of good footage to use. Mat Fraser, Lara Masters and Laurence Clark (stars of stage and screen) provide a backbone of glamour to the film.

Ken Campbell, creator of the Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool, actor, director and teacher, was to have appeared in the film. Following his untimely death, the film is now dedicated to the memory of his life and

02 Feb 2009
The state of the world

Quite serious but well thought out audio clip about the future of the world economy

robertpeston everything_will_change

02 Feb 2009
Best Free MMO Engine

This one might be a work in progress, kind of a toss up between

tmmokit –

This one is really free to use, no royalties at any point.  A bit rough and ready but does work.  Uses Torque as its render client

multiverse –

Royalties but no up front fees, the tools are nice but keep crashing for me.  Good in theory but seems to be a bit glacial in its progress.  Uses Ogre as its render client

monumental – Maybe a different focus for this tech as the two internal projects are not RPGs.  Have had a pile of investment recently so will watch with interest.  Not a lot of community on the site though.

More …. must be but i haven’t found them yet.

31 Jan 2009
Why the recession/depression has hit bottom

This is a strange kind of post when politicians are getting shot down for mentioning ‘green shoots’ – in a reference to Norman Lamont and the 90s recession.  But you can get all the real information here, this recession will be V shaped, as in very quick and steep down, and possibly up again at the same rate.  But the big question and unknown is where the bottom will be.

We may have hit bottom this week. All the banks share prices have doubled this week but why?  Remember, bank shares are a symptom not a cause. In fact last week all UK banks other than HSBC were going out of business, why the change?   Well, in the far off US of A house prices stablised for the first time in 3 years.  This in theory puts a bottom on the losses the banks in the UK will experience, based on the UK economy following USA, and also that we have lots of US debt over here.

Will it stick?  Well it might this crash however is cyclic, and to misquote Paul Krugman, is the mother of crashes. We have over priced housing, as in Japan early 90s, bank runs like both the 1930s and the 1910 trust fund crisis, and possibly, though thankfully not yet in the UK, a currency crisis like Asia/Argentina in the 1990s.  In fact the Irish are complaining we devalued the £ on purpose,which i am sure we did. Not that we had any choice.

We may have seen the bottom, therefore. In about 4 years we will escape from the crash, I am old enough to have had a father (he was 49 when I was born) who remembered and talked often of the Great Depression.  It genuinely influenced his actions until the end of his life (he was mean with money). I hope this is not the world my children will live in.

30 Jan 2009
Multimedia C++ Framework

Very interesting course at the Fact Centre, Liverpool into a new multimedia C++ framework which of course i only found out about once if was over.  The examples of work look amazing and the aspiration is one we agree with the ease of Flash with the performance of C++.  Not released yet but will be LGPL – Open Frameworks

Open Frameworks

29 Jan 2009
Performance in MMO Engines

Generally i can’t find any information about the way in which World of Warcraft is put together, but through some lightweight spying, looking at their jobs page you can see that the whole thing is coded in C++ which must have been a hell of an engineering effort, hence their enormous budget for production.  Obviously C++ is the fastest possible code for raw speed but i don’t fancy we have the budget to go that way.

We are currently using the Tmmokit which will max out at around 200 players per server.  I am keen to move forward incrementally and come upon an interesting article about Eve online (which claims players in the thousands on individual shards).  Eve uses Stackless Python.

28 Jan 2009
Blogging while the design is changing

I am having the interesting experience of chucking up a few posts while elsewhere Dan is changing the design, every time i look the world of blogteca changes