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Brainbox Challenge

Project Name: Red Button Games

Brainbox Challenge

Brainbox Challenged was a 2008 game show hosted by Clive Anderson. It involved IQ puzzles solved competively. Onteca was approached by the BBC to create a series of Flash Games to support the series. Onteca was provided with basic game designs and specifications created by the BBC and based around both relevant science and those used in the series. Onteca programmed the games and provided the graphic elements. This was a difficult project with a very tight production schedule that took place largely over Christmas.

In partnership with the BBC teams, Onteca managed to roll-out the games in time for programme launch. Brainbox Challenge the TV series was not recomissioned because of low viewing figures and poor reviews
At the same time Brainbox Challenge as a series of online games was a great success, with demand so high that the BBC server dedicated to hosting the games crashed.

The companion games to Brainbox Challenge are still seen as a succesfull example of cross-platform support for broadcast TV and an example of partnership working.