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Project Name: Liberatis

Budget: £44,000

Start Date: 1st August 2008

Completion Date: 31st Novemeber 2008

Contract Type: Grant

Procurement Route: Competiton

Client Name: Media Box

Client Details: Northwest Vision + Media, BBC Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M60 1SJ

0161 244 3350


Onteca is proud to announce the unveiling of a playable Alpha of our Mediabox Project, ‘Liberatis’ (a name thought of by a young person working on the project). This is an MMO created by young people, for young people. It involves some violence, within a Tolkienesque ‘fantasy’ setting, because that is what the young people called for. It is still at an early test stage, but is playable.

Over 50 young people worked for four months to make this game. First the young people planned out an overall story, a premise, a series of characters and detailed paper-based maps and Level Design Documents for each section . Next they had to painstakingly learn the skills they would need: Maya to create the 3D assets; Photoshop to create the mood-boards and textures; the Torque level editor to create landscapes full of trees, mountains, valleys and towns in which the game could be played. Onteca provided support and training at every step.

Onteca then worked on integrating all these elements into a playable game, to the design of the young people and under the direction of their representatives.

Some of the most academically inclined young people on Merseyside worked alongside young people from a local Special School who had learning disabilities. Everyone addressed themselves to the same tasks and were expected to prodice the same results. Sometimes the young people would work alongside each other, sometimes they would split into school and project based groups. Standards were high across the range of schools, with genuine talent and IT ability coming from all groups involved.

Areas worked in were amonst the most economically disadvantaged in the country. That said, the young people who involved themselves in this project were eager, polite and creative. Hopefully, they will learn from being part of the making of Liberatis, and consider a career in the North West’s still healthy Games Industry.

Thanks to all the young people involved, and Onteca hopes you like the game you helped create.


Stories from the past. Technology from the present. A whole new world!

A multi-media theatre production that was one of the flagship projects for the Capital of Culture 2008, commissioned directly by the Culture Company. This involved 20 different schools and training providers across Merseyside including secondary schools from the Specialist Schools Trust and Arts departments from Further Education Colleges and Higher Education Universities.

All six Merseyside boroughs produced a theatrical piece for what the Culture Company described as ‘a finale production at St. George’s Hall in an Arabian Nights style, multi-arts, multi-media extravaganza.’

Each piece involved complex interaction between 3D projected elements and live performance. Onteca provided the technology and also provided training to allow some of the 3D elements to be created by young people.

This proved to be a substantial success with praise for the beauty of the visuals and over-all organisational flair.

Client Testimonial

Our experience of working on this project with Onteca was a pleasant one. Communication between all parties was managed carefully, and led to a smooth workflow and ultimately a successful project.

We can’t recommend Onteca Highly enough. And that’s why we are continuing to work with them on other projects.

Ed Cannole

Toxteth TV