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04 Feb 2009
Film Council Short Filmed by Onteca

Onteca was one of only four companies regionally to receive funding to make
a Digital Short film this year. Space Freaks: Dance or Die is a sci-fi comedy musical featuring a cast of dozens, song and dance numbers and some of Onteca’s innovative special effects.

Principal Photography was during September (which means we’ve already filmed all the scenes) and we are now in the middle of Post-Production; editing and compositing in the CGI. With excellent performances from our stars and solid, swift and talented work from the crew we have a lot of good footage to use. Mat Fraser, Lara Masters and Laurence Clark (stars of stage and screen) provide a backbone of glamour to the film.

Ken Campbell, creator of the Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool, actor, director and teacher, was to have appeared in the film. Following his untimely death, the film is now dedicated to the memory of his life and