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28 Apr 2009
This is surgery – Promo Video

This is Surgery

A promotional video for an as yet unmade first person surgery game for the Playstation 3 – this is surgery

02 Apr 2009
surgery – test masking

surgery – test masking

composited two different shots, organs from oblique angle over room and body from a straighter angle.surgerytestmask

24 Mar 2009
It's a new kind of FPS with even more blood spilt…


It’s a matter of life and death.

Onteca are developing ‘This is Surgery’ a First Person Surgery Game for PS3 Network. ‘This is Surgery’ looks and feels like

13 Mar 2009
Games Design Doc Sites.

This is Surgery Games Design Document Blogging:
Have been looking at different Games Design Document Sites. Has anyone got one they know that they’d recommend.

10 Mar 2009
Animated beating heart


A 3d rendered beating heart, modelled and rendered in maya

09 Mar 2009
Heart and Lung Machine (stage 1)


heart and lung machine partially sorted before i add…. guess what?… more tubes!

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