Onteca has run a series of short workshops (lasting from two days to a week) in professional media production skills, many on behalf of Media Training North West. Each of the skills are used by Onteca in the cross-platform work of the company. These courses have been pitched to meet a number of different student needs, from community groups without previous experience, to working professionals seeking to refine their skills. Examples of previous courses are:

After Effects & Premiere
Concentrating on the use of these production tools to create CGI for moving image. These editing packages can be comined with colour keys and production techniques to provide effective special effects.

Game Design& Quality Assurance
Looking at how to use a variety of design theories and industry practices to ensure a smooth and creative workflow.

Java Programming for mobiles
Applications that work across platforms, networks and phone types, drawing on Onteca’s extensive experience in this area.

World Builders
‘Modding’ existing games can be an easy way into 3D design for beginners, and a useful way to speed up production schedules for professional game designers. Increasing numbers of games that started of as ‘mods’ have become comeercial properties in their own right. Also the use of generic world builders that can be used across, games, engines and platforms.

Introduction to 3D Modelling
A beginner’s introduction to Maya. This is a complex and very powerful application that is used across the Games and CGI industry. This course provides an initial access point for personal or further study. To become good takes years, but you have to start somewhere.

Web Design Using CSS and accessible GUIs
Web design the correct way. Useful both for beginners and those web-designers who have become trapped in the habit of using tables and want to evolve their practice to fit the current industry standards.

Ring-tone Production
Creating your own ring-tones from scratch.